Sunday, December 02, 2007

A mini mommy vacation!

A mom's work is never done...unless she gets the heck out of dodge! And that's just what I did this weekend! My dear friend and college roommate, Connie, and I met up in Provo on Friday night. Despite the first winter storm trying to derail our plans, we were both able to ditch the kids and husbands and we checked ourselves into the Marriott for a long overdue girls night away.

First on the agenda was a quiet dinner. I rarely eat pasta so I was so excited to eat at the Macaroni Grill (yum!). We both ordered the Chicken Scallopine and it was fantastic! Oh, and I ate lots of bread dipped in olive oil. Wow, I really enjoyed that dinner! But even better than the dinner was the terrific company. When Connie and I get together it seems that not a day has past since we were roommates 10 years ago. We always pick up right where we left off. It's amazing to see where the last ten years has taken each of us. What a blessing to have a friend like her.

After dinner, we stopped by the grocery store, bought some cheesecake and mini eclairs and headed back to the hotel to relax and watch a movie. It ends up that it's like $15 to order a movie at the hotel so we settled for watching A Beautiful Mind on cable. Good movie but I stand by my statement that Russell Crowe has the worst West Virginia accent I've ever heard! Not even 15 minutes into the movie, he basically just gives up and reverts back to his natural Aussie accent. Annoying! Anyway, Connie and I were both trying to stay awake through the movie (so much for staying up and gabbing all night. We are definitely not 19 anymore!) but the bed's were so comfortable that are bodies were just begging us to sleep. After the movie and more than our share of eclairs, we called it a night.
Let me just say, it was so nice to sleep without interruption. No one in the bed but me and a hundred pillows. Did I mention the beds were so comfy?! Like sleeping on a cloud. What a nice change of pace. Usually, I'm sharing my bed with both boys before the night is over and Will always ends up in the guest bedroom for lack of room in our king sized bed. So, yeah, this was very different than my normal routine.
The next morning, we arose to a fresh winter snow on the ground and the need to go shopping rushing through our veins. We got ready and headed to the mall. It was so great just to browse and buy, no real reason and no real need. Shopping is great therapy, whether you buy anything or not. We bought a few things and then headed for lunch. Funny enough, we both wanted Hot Dog on a Stick so we ate there and got back to shopping.
Connie introduced me to the Lancome counter at Dillard's. A notorious drugstore make-up shopper, I had no idea that you got such amazing service at the department store make-up counters. A full makeover later, Connie bought a few things, including a foundation brush for me for my looming 30th birthday coming in a couple weeks (which I LOVE, by the way. Great coverage for us old gals! Thanks again, Connie!) I even got a free gift that included a make-up bag, mini mascara, a lipstick in a great shade, an eyeshadow palette and some wrinkle serum (it's never too early to start using that, right?!) Happy Birthday to me!

Connie had to leave a bit early to pick her kids up and get home to Cedar City before the weather got too bad. So, we took a few pics and said our goodbyes. I stayed for awhile longer and made it home at about 4:00 on Saturday. I have to say I had such a great time and "It's cheaper than therapy" right, Connie?! This was my first time ever taking a time-out like this for myself and I would highly recommend it to any of you moms out there! What a blast is was just to recharge my batteries and remember that we are not only moms, we are individuals who deserve a break from time to time. Time well spent!

Until next time, roomie!

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