Thursday, March 29, 2007

I've been tagged!

Here are some things about me maybe you didn't know. Hubba and Sisoutham's- care to share?! You guys have now been tagged, too!

Four Jobs I Have Had

Special Ed. Paraeducator
Gold's Gym Daycare
Gold's Gym Front Desk
Cake Decorator for Cakes for Goodness Sakes (my own homebased business)

Four Movies I Would Watch Over and Over
The Notebook
Moulin Rouge
Down With Love
Billy Madison

Four Places I Have Lived
Winfield, WV
Huntington, WV
Provo, UT
Palm Bay, FL

Favorite Bands and Singers
The Cardigans (all-time fave)
The Pixies (old-school fave)
John Mayer
Norah Jones

Four Loves of my Life
Coleman and Cooper (the loves of my life)
Will (my loyal hubby)
my parents and sibs

Four Most Memorable Moments
our first date
getting sealed to Will in the temple
baby #1 (Coleman)
baby #2 (Cooper)

Four Favorite Foods
Apple Fritters
Onion Rings

Four Places I Would Rather Be
-on the tennis court
-playing golf
-at the beach
-in WV with the fam

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Coleman's Birthday

Hey all! We have had quite a week this week! Coleman's birthday was on Thursday and (of course) we made a big deal of it. Thursday morning, I made him his favorite breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese on top and got him ready for school. I printed out a sticker for him to wear on his shirt that said "Today is my 5th Birthday!" His teacher agreed to let me bring in a treat for him and his classmates, so I took McDonald's french fries for his whole preschool class. They were all thrilled and Coleman got to hand them out which made him feel good. His class sang him Happy Birthday and Coleman got to wear a fun Happy Birthday hat with his name on it. When Coleman got home from preschool mommy had Krispy Kreme donuts waiting for him as an after-school treat. (Man, I really do spoil him on his birthday!)

That night, we went out to eat at Applebee's and Coleman wore his hat so everyone was asking him if it was his birthday. And I mean everybody! Almost to the point that I thought Coleman would start to get annoyed but he didn't. He would just proudly hold up 5 fingers and tell them he was "a handful." He was so cute. When the waiters came out to sing to him he got really embarassed and hid his face which is funny because I think there was some line in the song like "Someone's face is turning red" or something like that. After dinner, we went to see the junior high's performance of Seussical. Coleman and Cooper both loved it. Coleman had a great time on his birthday and anxiously awaited his big party on Saturday.

And what a fun party it was! It was a total madhouse here with 10 preschoolers running amok but we had plans to keep them busy. As each child came in they were directed to sit at the table for a simple craft while we waited for all the kids to get there. (We gave each kid a little car, some white paint and black paper and had them drive the car in the paint and then on their paper. Simple and fun.) Once all the kids had arrived we took them outside for the relay race.

A couple of the smaller kids didn't quite get it but they all got a chance to race with either a Mater or Lightning McQueen costume on. After the relay race we got out the pinata. And once again this year Will held the pinata while the kids whacked at it with a bat and once again no Funniest Home Video moments. Maybe next year... After all the kids had their baggies full of candy we went inside to open presents. Coleman got lots of fun little toys and was very happy to smile for the camera.

After presents, we had cake and ice cream and the kids played in the loft until their parents got there. Here's a pic of the cake. Coleman just loved it and I have to say, it was pretty yummy! And fun to make!

(You can click on any of these pics to see them bigger.)

The party was a success, the house is a disaster and I need to sleep! G'nite all!

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