Thursday, March 29, 2007

I've been tagged!

Here are some things about me maybe you didn't know. Hubba and Sisoutham's- care to share?! You guys have now been tagged, too!

Four Jobs I Have Had

Special Ed. Paraeducator
Gold's Gym Daycare
Gold's Gym Front Desk
Cake Decorator for Cakes for Goodness Sakes (my own homebased business)

Four Movies I Would Watch Over and Over
The Notebook
Moulin Rouge
Down With Love
Billy Madison

Four Places I Have Lived
Winfield, WV
Huntington, WV
Provo, UT
Palm Bay, FL

Favorite Bands and Singers
The Cardigans (all-time fave)
The Pixies (old-school fave)
John Mayer
Norah Jones

Four Loves of my Life
Coleman and Cooper (the loves of my life)
Will (my loyal hubby)
my parents and sibs

Four Most Memorable Moments
our first date
getting sealed to Will in the temple
baby #1 (Coleman)
baby #2 (Cooper)

Four Favorite Foods
Apple Fritters
Onion Rings

Four Places I Would Rather Be
-on the tennis court
-playing golf
-at the beach
-in WV with the fam

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Dad said...

I would rather have you here also.

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