Sunday, August 31, 2008

A couple cute things...

There are always these little moments when the boys do or say something funny and I think, "I need to write that down!" So, I'm going to finally write a couple of them down.

Today, the Young Women taught the children's primary classes at church. When I picked Coleman up the young woman who taught him, Summer, said "Coleman is so smart!" Of course, as his Mom I already know this but I asked her,"Did he answer some questions right?" She said she had asked him what he could do to help his Mommy at home and he said, "Clean up my toys." When asked if that would make his Mommy happy, he said yes then paused and said, "Umm, no, she would be surprised!" Yes I would!

Also, a couple of weeks ago, Coleman's little friend Madi was coming over and he was so excited to see her. He plays with her nearly everyday but for some reason this day was different. He thoughtfully dressed himself in some basketball shorts and a polo shirt and when the knock came at the door he quickly tucked in his (polo) shirt into his (basketball) shorts in order to look his best for Madi. It was so sweet! It was really just funny to see that he was aware that he needed to look his best in order to impress the fairer sex.

And today, Cooper and Coleman took turns performing song and dance numbers. Obviously inspired by Coleman's rousing performance of his original song "Ketchup," Cooper took the stage for his very own performance. We have no idea what he was singing (although I think I may have heard him say "hot dog" in there somewhere), but the dance was pretty impressive. His right leg was jerking like he was trying to shake something off of it and his arms wiggled all around. And at the end of every performance he'd always get down on one knee and gives the thumbs up with a huge smile on his face just waiting for the adoring fans (Will, Coleman and I) to applaud. Kudos, Cooper! I'll always be your biggest fan!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First things first for my first first-grader!

Coleman started 1st grade and we are so thrilled about how his first week has gone! He loves school and is excited to get up and go every morning. I really was not looking forward to having to wake him up in the morning (he's a heavy sleeper) but he's gotten up every morning so far without any struggle! Yay!

He came home the first day and told me that he got lost after lunch and a girl with a brown shirt helped him find his class. "I think she was a third-grader," he said. And apparently he's been playing at recess with more than just his classmates. He comes home everyday and says that he played with "a boy with red hair" or "a boy with a blue shirt." I told him he needs to start asking them their names! :) It just didn't occur to him. My silly boy! I love that he is making new friends so quickly.

He's been learning a lot of new songs and he comes home everyday excited to share them with us. I have a feeling this is going to be a great year for him! Here are some pictures from his first day.

Holding cookies for his bus driver and aide.

Running to the bus.

Sitting in the very back seat of the bus.

Getting off the bus after a full day of learnin'.

All smiles means he had a great day!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Cooper!

What a joy it has been getting to know you better in this past year! Thank you for being a total Mama's boy! I don't know what I'd do without your daily hugs and kisses. And you've really grown into that little personality of yours! You are a total ham, always the center of attention and never afraid to have a little fun. Happy Birthday, Pumpkinhead!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Making Friends (some pics)

My brother saw my last blog and decided to give me a sneak peek of some of the pics he took on Friday. My fave is the one on the swingset. There is just something so sweet about his face in that photo. Those are eyes that say "I am a Child of God," don't ya think?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Making Friends

Coleman's Uncle Chad came down on Friday to take pictures of him for the Friend magazine. For those who don't know, my brother is an editor at the Friend, which is an LDS magazine for children. There is a section in the magazine called Making Friends where they feature a different kid from around the world every month. So, sometime in late 2009 or early 2010 watch for it to feature Coleman! He was so excited to spend the day taking pictures and sharing things about himself for the article. We're hoping that his example will make every child with autism feel more "normal." After all, there's no such thing as disabled, only differently-abled! Thanks Chad for making that day so special for your special nephew!

Here's a couple pics of Uncle Chaddy earning his photo-journalist cred-

At the dinosour museum.

At Thanksgiving Point Gardens.

Can't wait to see what kind of pictures his camera took!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Top Ten

Inspired by a friend's recent blog, I thought I'd post a recent Top Ten list. So, here goes-

1. School is about to start and Coleman will be in school all day this year. Will was talking about how Coleman will be carrying his little lunch tray to his table at lunch time and I seriously about cried. (I'm teary-eyed right now just typing it out.) I just always have such a hard time letting him grow up! That being said, I do kinda look forward to having a bit more quiet around here during the day. The boys haven't learned a whole lot this summer but they both have PhDs in driving each other crazy! And me!

2. I bought fresh figs at Costco last week and they were not nearly as good as I remember them right off my granny's fig tree. But I did manage to make some pretty decent homemade fig newtons with them.

3. We went to a Salt Lake Bees baseball game last Friday night thanks to our friend, Jen, who won tickets off the radio and couldn't use them. We got free t-shirts and the boys got their names up on the jumbo-tron. We also got to lead the stadium in "Take me out to the ball game" during the 7th inning stretch with our section. Cooper's little mug was on the jumbo-tron for a moment. Really fun time! Here are a couple pics from the game.

4. Will and I have been playing tennis on the new courts behind our house at least twice a week. He's really competitive, as am I, so the games get pretty heated. Last night, one game went to 4 deuces! (Which means nothing to non-tennis players, so let's just say it was a close game.)

5. Cooper's birthday is next Sunday and I'm making him an Iron Man cake. I want to do something 3D but I'm having "cake block." Any ideas?

6. Cooper can finally say his P sounds and he uses it all the time because he found out that saying "Poo poo" always makes his big brother laugh. Boys...

7. Will has joined a gym in Orem called Throwdown Elite Training Center and if you know him, you've heard all about it! He is a bit obsessed with Mixed Martial Arts and has wanted to do something like this for a long time. So far he's done Muay Thai kickboxing, Jui-Jitsu, boxing and boot camp classes. He comes home exhausted and exhilirated. I'm really happy that he has found something that he can do just for himself. Even if he is a total nerd about it.

8. The boys and I are going on a picnic/adventure today. It will probably consist of eating PB&J and walking around the park looking at bugs. And maybe, no definitely, playing at the playground.

9. Tonight we are having true WV hot dogs for dinner 'cuz sometimes you just need a chili dog topped with slaw! Of course, we are having whole wheat buns, turkey franks, turkey chili and fat free mayo in the slaw because that's just how I do. My true West Virginian ancestors will be rolling over in their graves!

10. Cooper's wearing big boy undies for the first time today! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Holy Toledo, Batman!

I seriously have the creeps just thinking about what I'm about to post. This kind of thing just doesn't happen every day, though. So, it's totally blogworthy. Anyway, to the weak of heart- stop reading here. How about taking a look at this cute, little puppy?

Ok, for the rest of you- A neighborhood boy noticed a bat (!) in the corner of my porch by the top of the door. Just hanging there, sleeping. I was like, "Ok. I'm shutting the door now." Aagh!!! That is not cool! And, of course, Will is even more freaked out then me (so much for a macho bat-wrangling husband). He hasn't even looked at it. He's that scared! I made my neighbor, Jenn, take pictures of it because I didn't want to get too close. Now, tell me this doesn't make your skin crawl! Please let it be gone tomorrow morning!

See it in the corner?

Man, man, man!

Ok, I've got to go wash my hands or something. Blech! Maybe I just need to look at that sweet, adorable puppy again.

Ahhh, that's better!

Monday, August 04, 2008

8 Years Later...

...and still going strong! What a journey it's been and I wouldn't want to have any other companion on this wild and crazy trip! Will has an amazing passion for life that has always inspired me. I've always felt that we were just meant to be together. We've got this cool sort of yin and yang thing. We manage to balance each other out so perfectly. And what can I say about our two biggest accomplishments- munchkin #1 and #2. They have blessed our marriage and have completed our family. I just love those moments when one of our kids are doing something super cute and Will and I glance up at each other. Our hearts connect in those moments. It's a beautiful thing to share that kind of love with someone and I don't take it for granted, not even for a moment. Thank you, William, for all the sweet-nothings and for leaving me twitterpated after all these years!

(Translation for Will- just so you really get what I'm saying, let me put it in terms you'll understand. You're a great teammate with a passion for the game. We've done a great job sticking to our game plan, even against some pretty tough competition. Our little rookies play bigger than their size and will always be our #1 draft picks. Thanks for 8 winning seasons! We're putting up big numbers! I love you!)

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