Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Holy Toledo, Batman!

I seriously have the creeps just thinking about what I'm about to post. This kind of thing just doesn't happen every day, though. So, it's totally blogworthy. Anyway, to the weak of heart- stop reading here. How about taking a look at this cute, little puppy?

Ok, for the rest of you- A neighborhood boy noticed a bat (!) in the corner of my porch by the top of the door. Just hanging there, sleeping. I was like, "Ok. I'm shutting the door now." Aagh!!! That is not cool! And, of course, Will is even more freaked out then me (so much for a macho bat-wrangling husband). He hasn't even looked at it. He's that scared! I made my neighbor, Jenn, take pictures of it because I didn't want to get too close. Now, tell me this doesn't make your skin crawl! Please let it be gone tomorrow morning!

See it in the corner?

Man, man, man!

Ok, I've got to go wash my hands or something. Blech! Maybe I just need to look at that sweet, adorable puppy again.

Ahhh, that's better!


Jonathan's Mommy said...

BLECH! I'd take the puppy over that any day!

Kimberly said...

OMG and just how do you plan on getting rid of that thing!!! I'd call animal control! OR can you buy like bat poison at the home depot?

Hubba's Thoughts said...

Yeah, that was pretty gross.. I'm glad it's gone, hopefully it won't show up on my door tonight..

Anonymous said...

Where in the world did it come from?!? SOOOO GROSS!!!! What did the boys think? -AM

Dad said...

Yesterday we had a bat flying around in the bedroom. One swipe and it was mine. Best way to catch a bat...first get in flying by turning out the light. Then turn light on, get fishing net and it has no chance.

Alicia's batman father

Cami said...

Hey Alicia! I am so glad I found your blog link! You have been so nice to leave comments on my blog every once and a while and I think I will have to do the same. Your blog is way cute too.

The bat is pretty darn freaky. I don't know what I would have done!! AHHH!

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