Sunday, April 20, 2008

Check out this Before and After!

Most people don't know this but I am actually pretty handy with a hammer and nail! Really! The neighbors call to borrow tools from me not Will. Just call me Bob Vila! I started out with a big idea for the wasted space in our family room. I just wanted to get rid of the desk and create a bit more of a streamlined space SO I created a plan for a built-in desk. I did have a little help here and there. (No thanks to my husband, who is the opposite of handy, but big kudos to Gary and Ty!) But this project was MY baby from start to finish! What do you think?

Here's an old pic of the cluttered workspace and before any work started. Just a big cork board and the desk covering the window.

This is mid-construction.

And the finished project! My pride and joy! And my family room feels twice as big! (Click on it to see more detail.)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Break Takes the Cake!

Well, as most of you know, Will has been gone all week interviewing for 3 jobs in S. Carolina. So, that leaves me here with the boys on Spring Break. I thought we'd have a pretty boring week but it's been anything but! There have definitely been times when I've thought to myself, "How do single mothers do it?!" But generally we've been having a good time and getting in lots of quality mommy/son time.

See Jenn's page for their first experience with the ice cream truck yesterday. They were so excited. I mean, how often does the ice cream come to you, right?! What a thrill! Here's an extra little bit of info- before Coleman got a bite of his popsicle he somehow got it stuck to his lip. He proceeded to rip it off and start eating. I didn't think anything of it until Jenn asked me why there was blood all over his popsicle. His lip was bleeding pretty freely in 2 places! And he was totally oblivious to it. That had to hurt. He is one tough kiddo sometimes. He just kept eating! It reminded me of the time that he got staples in his head and didn't even flinch. The doctor spent like 10 minutes telling me how much it hurt and then when she did it, not a peep! She put in 3! Yet for some reason this same kid will howl like a coyote after barely bumping his elbow on the dining room table. Crazy kid.

We also went to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point this week. I thought it would be a good time to go since Will's gone and it's so dang expensive. All in all, I thought it was a pretty cool museum. Coleman oohed and aahed at every little fossil. And Cooper followed big brother around imitating oohs and aahs, very cute. They really enjoyed the hands on exhibits and didn't want to leave when it was time to go. Afterwards, we went to IKEA and had dinner and did a little shopping.

It's been a great week but we are definitely ready for Papa's return tomorrow! The boys have already begun making their "Welcome home!" poster to hold up at the airport.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Karate Kid!

Coleman's been saying for weeks that he wants to take karate lessons and every time he mentions it I look at the online registration at the local community center and the class is already full so I tell him I'll look again the next month. This has happened at least 3 times and every time it bums him out. I was hoping to find another class for him and as luck would have it, a karate studio has recently opened close by. We gave them a call and they were able to fit Coleman right in! He was so excited to (finally) get to realize his dream of learning how to "beat up bad guys!"

I was worried that he might have trouble focusing during the lesson but he did great! A little issue with eye contact but not too bad. His Mr. Miyagi (J.D.) was really great with him, too. Really positive and supportive. I think this is going to be really good for Coleman! Wax-on, Wax-off, my son...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Coleman's got talent!

Coleman's kindergarten class had a talent show today! He was so excited to participate. Last night, we sat on the computer together and picked out his 3 favorite knock-knock jokes. He practiced them a couple of times and by this morning he had them memorized. He got a little bit of stage fright when it came time to perform so Will helped him a bit (ok, a lot) and Coleman held the paper that the jokes were written on pretending to read them. I thought he did a bang-up job! See for yourself!

Here's the jokes, since he's kinda hard to hear:
Knock. Knock. (Who's there?) Dewey. (Dewey who?) Dewey have to go to school today?
Knock. Knock. (Who's there?) Boo. (Boo who?) Don't cry. It's only a joke.
and Coleman's favorite- Knock. Knock. (Who's there?) Cargo. (Cargo who?) Cargo beep! beep!

His classmates were all very supportive. Such a good experience for him!

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