Thursday, November 19, 2009

We elfed ourselves!

There is Christmas stuff everywhere and yet I was unable to get in the holiday spirit until now!  Funny that it took getting "elfed" to do it! Ha ha!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Mr. McGillicutty?

So, Coleman has now decided he wants to be involved in TV production. He wrote his first script two days ago and we told him that for Family Home Evening he could assign parts and we would record it.  So, without further adieu, here's "Kingdom in the Door." Apparently it's part of a series called Scary Place.  :)

Cast of characters:
Mr. McGillicutty, the teacher- Dad
Tommy- Cooper
Eric- Mom
New kid- Coleman
A kid outside- Coleman

Mr. McGillicutty- "Today's lunch menu is meatlarf.  Let's sing a song about it. Meatlarf, yummy, yummy,
Tommy (raising his hand)- "Mr. McGillicutty?"
Mr. McGillicutty- "Yes? Uh, not good. Not good."
Tommy (still raising his hand)- "Mr. McGillicutty?! Does 2+10=19?"
Mr. McGillicutty- "No."
Tommy- "Oh."
Mr. McGullicutty- "What's this?"
Eric- "Huh?"
Tommy- "Hi!"
Mr. McGillicutty- "A new student? I should have known."
Eric- "Who is he?"
Mr. McGillicutty- "I don't know."
[New kid walks in to classroom.]
New kid- "Hello!"
Mr. McGillicutty (angrily)- "You broke the door!!!"
New kid- "Sorry."
Mr. McGillicutty- "Why don't you sit..."
Tommy and Eric (bamming the desk next to them)- "Over here! Over here!"
Mr. McGillicutty (pointing)- "...with those two."
New kid- "Okay."
Tommy and Eric- "Tee, hee, hee."
Mr. McGillicutty (angrily)- "Boys!"
New kid- "Hi guys!"
Tommy and Eric- "Ha, hee!"
Mr. McGillicutty (angrily)- "What are you doin'?!"
All 3 boys- "HA!HA!HA!"
Mr. McGillicutty- "Now..."
Eric (looking at Mr. McGillicutty)- "Is he dead?"
Tommy- "No, why would he?"
Mr. McGillicutty- "...and..."
All 3 boys- "HA!HA!HA!HA!"
Mr. McGillicutty (angrily)- "STOP!!!"
New kid- "What? Hee, hee!"
Mr. McGillicutty- ""
All 3 boys- "HA!HA!HA!"
Mr. McGillicutty- "What the heck?!"
New kid- "La-l-la!"
Tommy and Eric- "HA!HA!HA!"
[School bell rings.]
A kid outside- "Come on out!"
All 3 boys- "Hooray!"
[All 3 boys run over Mr. McGillicutty.]
Mr. McGillicutty- "Ow!"
[The boys are playing ball outside.]
Eric- "Downsy! Downsy!"
New kid- "Upsy-daisy!"
Mr. McGillicutty- "Oh come on!!! Man, man!!!"

Obviously, we didn't practice it much at all before recording but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have mattered. :) The important thing is- Coleman couldn't have been more excited to have it all acted out.  I'm sharing it here not because of our magnificent acting (although, it is!) but because Coleman wants everyone to see it. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Coleman's big stage debut!

Coleman has been interested in movies for a long time.  He's like a walking calendar for movie premiere dates. A couple of months ago he began asking me how movies were made and what he needed to do to make his own movie. Sufficeth to say, I really had no idea what to tell him. I only got as far as telling him to write a screenplay. And he did write a couple "screenplays" and then when I told him that we could video he and his friends acting it out he asked, "Then they will play it at the movie theater?" Uh, not exactly, bub.  He's so not interested in making movies unless it's going to play at the local Cinemark. :)

So, in order for him to learn exactly how much work goes into a real production we signed him up for his first musical theater production.  We told him that he could learn things that will help him when he goes on to make movies- stuff about sets and stage direction, etc. He was all about it.

The local arts council does a couple of plays a year for 4-8 yr olds to star in.  This go round they were putting on 101 Dalmatians.  Coleman auditioned (every kid was awarded a role) and got the part of Chihuahua #4, perfect part for a first-timer! He continued to go to practice every Mon and Wed from 4-5pm for 7 weeks. He learned all the songs and dances and was ready for his debut performance last Thursday.  He was a little nervous the first night but it played to his advantage because it helped him to be more focused.  (Well, as focused as Coleman gets anyway.) Coleman did his very best that night and the two subsequent nights and we couldn't have been any more proud. Go Coleman! Our very own li'l actor.

Here's part of the song "Twilight Bark" where the Chihuahuas were center stage.  He may have been a bit off-beat but we think he stole the show! I say he just added his own flare to his character. :)

Here's Coleman posing by the truck on set.

Getting our photo-op with the star.

I also want to mention that Coleman had great support in the audience every night as well. June and the kids came on Thursday night. Jenn, Madi and Jackson came on Friday night and Jenny, La and Talon came to see him on Saturday night.  We love and appreciate all of our supportive friends and family. You guys are the best! Coleman is so lucky to have such wonderful people in his life.

Here's a bit of the final number.

By the way, Coleman says he never, ever wants to do another play. Too much practice, he says. Ha, ha! Next up for Coleman? He wants drawing and writing classes. That sounds about right.

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