Monday, November 16, 2009

Mr. McGillicutty?

So, Coleman has now decided he wants to be involved in TV production. He wrote his first script two days ago and we told him that for Family Home Evening he could assign parts and we would record it.  So, without further adieu, here's "Kingdom in the Door." Apparently it's part of a series called Scary Place.  :)

Cast of characters:
Mr. McGillicutty, the teacher- Dad
Tommy- Cooper
Eric- Mom
New kid- Coleman
A kid outside- Coleman

Mr. McGillicutty- "Today's lunch menu is meatlarf.  Let's sing a song about it. Meatlarf, yummy, yummy,
Tommy (raising his hand)- "Mr. McGillicutty?"
Mr. McGillicutty- "Yes? Uh, not good. Not good."
Tommy (still raising his hand)- "Mr. McGillicutty?! Does 2+10=19?"
Mr. McGillicutty- "No."
Tommy- "Oh."
Mr. McGullicutty- "What's this?"
Eric- "Huh?"
Tommy- "Hi!"
Mr. McGillicutty- "A new student? I should have known."
Eric- "Who is he?"
Mr. McGillicutty- "I don't know."
[New kid walks in to classroom.]
New kid- "Hello!"
Mr. McGillicutty (angrily)- "You broke the door!!!"
New kid- "Sorry."
Mr. McGillicutty- "Why don't you sit..."
Tommy and Eric (bamming the desk next to them)- "Over here! Over here!"
Mr. McGillicutty (pointing)- "...with those two."
New kid- "Okay."
Tommy and Eric- "Tee, hee, hee."
Mr. McGillicutty (angrily)- "Boys!"
New kid- "Hi guys!"
Tommy and Eric- "Ha, hee!"
Mr. McGillicutty (angrily)- "What are you doin'?!"
All 3 boys- "HA!HA!HA!"
Mr. McGillicutty- "Now..."
Eric (looking at Mr. McGillicutty)- "Is he dead?"
Tommy- "No, why would he?"
Mr. McGillicutty- "...and..."
All 3 boys- "HA!HA!HA!HA!"
Mr. McGillicutty (angrily)- "STOP!!!"
New kid- "What? Hee, hee!"
Mr. McGillicutty- ""
All 3 boys- "HA!HA!HA!"
Mr. McGillicutty- "What the heck?!"
New kid- "La-l-la!"
Tommy and Eric- "HA!HA!HA!"
[School bell rings.]
A kid outside- "Come on out!"
All 3 boys- "Hooray!"
[All 3 boys run over Mr. McGillicutty.]
Mr. McGillicutty- "Ow!"
[The boys are playing ball outside.]
Eric- "Downsy! Downsy!"
New kid- "Upsy-daisy!"
Mr. McGillicutty- "Oh come on!!! Man, man!!!"

Obviously, we didn't practice it much at all before recording but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have mattered. :) The important thing is- Coleman couldn't have been more excited to have it all acted out.  I'm sharing it here not because of our magnificent acting (although, it is!) but because Coleman wants everyone to see it. Hope you enjoy!


Tiffany said...

Very cool! I think it is awesome how you are empowering him to develop his interests :)

WeTheTeeples said...

That was so cute! I loved it! You guys are very entertaining. I think Coleman should write more plays and you guys should act them out. I would watch them all.
Tell Coleman I htink he did AWESOME!!

Jen & the Claw said...

Coleman is sure creative and is definitely developing his many talents! You're such a great and supportive family! By the way, I love the new floors!

Cleve said...

Coleman did great since what he had to work with was kind of limited. : ). Keep it up Cole and I will be waiting on the next production.


Jonathan's Mommy said...

That is really cute! He is a very creative little guy!

Amy Conklin said...

That was so awesome! Great work Coleman! Way to get everyone involved! What great parents! We'll be looking forward to the NEXT one!

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