Saturday, June 24, 2006

Too tired to write...

Oh, man! What a long day! Will and I got up early to run the Lehi Round-Up 5k at the high school. (I beat my last time by a minute and half!) After we got home, we got the boys up and ready to go to Lagoon. Coleman had fun riding the kiddie rides but was really excited about the water park. We ended up spending most of our time there and it was hot! I think it got up to about 96 degrees. Ugh! That just zaps the energy right out of you. After Lagoon, we headed over to a luau at a church in Salt Lake. It was really fun and the food was amazing! I think I need to run another 5k now to work off all that teriyaki chicken I ate. :) Man, I just couldn't stop eating! I shouldn't have to eat for at least three days.

Oh, I got the heart monitor results a couple of days ago. Bradycardia. Looks like the worst case scenerio would be a pacemaker. Right now, we just need to figure out what is causing it. Then we will know how to treat it. My doctor says that sometimes the cardiologist will just prescribe adrenalin pills to help keep my heart rate up. I guess I'll find out as soon as I can see the cardiologist (his earliest open appt. was July 27th.) I'm just going to go on vacation and enjoy myself and I'll deal with all this stuff when I get home. Not much else I can do. I feel healthy overall, just a little tired occasionally (but what mom isn't?!) I think we don't realize how truly mechanical our bodies are until the mechanics are a little off. I kind of feel like a broke down car that needs to go to the shop. :) Can I trade this one in for a newer model?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A movie under the stars.

Last night, June's kids came up and stayed the night with us. We went to a free movie at the high school football field. It was really nice to lay under the stars and watch a movie. The kids had a blast playing and dancing around before hand.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

One week! One week! One week!

Just one more week until our summer vacation! I'm so excited! It will just be nice to break up the monontony of the day-to-day life here and have a little fun. And after this past year, we need to relax a little! It's been stressful, to say the least. We are going to have a jam packed three weeks. Just to name a few things- we are going to Carowinds amusement park, shopping at Gabriel Bros. (!), July 4th BBQ at Celeste's, running the Riverfest 5k in St. Albans, crabbing in Charleston, SC, going to Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah, GA, hitting the beach for a couple days- whew! It makes me tired just thinking about it all. But I'm ready for it! East coast here we come! (Now, if I can just get this to-do list done before we go...)

Friday, June 16, 2006

How to Roll Sushi

I'm up early this morning rolling sushi for the lunch I'm having with the ladies in my aerobics class. It's times like these that I wonder, "What motivates me to get up this early to bring a time-intensive dish when everyone else is probably bringing PB & J?" Who knows? I am really craving california rolls, though. Let's just say that's the reason...

No word on the Holter monitor results. I talked to the doctor's office yesterday and they told me to call back today. You can't blame me for being curious, can you?! I'm continuing to have noticable palpitations every day and have no explanation as to why. To top it all off, Coleman has a weird rash on his legs and Cooper has a stomach virus and an ear infection! Ugh! It's just one of those days!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Holter Monitor

Okay, so my blood test results came back normal. Usually, that's good news but, in my case, it's not. Normal results just mean that the problem is more involved than they originally thought (or just less obvious). Yesterday, I had to go pick up a Holter monitor that I had to wear for 24 hours. We turned it back in today at 2, so I should hear from a doctor about the results tomorrow sometime.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Slip n Slide Part Deux

Today, Chad, Yulia and the boys came down from Bountiful for a family BBQ. Will and I made our famous teriyaki chicken and served it up Hawaiian style with rice and Yulia's macaroni salad. Coleman was happy because he got to play with his cousins, Elliott and Truman. They had a blast playing on the slip n slide. Not one of them understood the slide part but they could all slip! They were so cute.

On a not-so-fun note, I had to go to the doctor this morning because I've been having heart palpitations. The EKG confirmed it. Thankfully, the doctor says that it doesn't seem like it's anything too scary. They just had me go to the lab and get a couple of blood tests to see what's going on. Could be anemia or some issue with my thyroid. Guess I'll get those results in the next couple days. She didn't say not to exercise or anything, just said to come back if it gets worse. I feel healthy otherwise, so I'm trying not to worry.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Don't forget my toothbrush!

Coleman's teacher suggested that I make him a scrapbook for our upcoming vacation. It consists of pictures of all the people we are going to see and the places we are going to go. This way, he will always know what's coming next. I think it's a brilliant idea. The book isn't even done yet and Coleman already loves to read it. (I think mainly because he's the lead character.) This is one of the pictures in his book- a pic of me packing his bag. The page reads something like, "Mommy packed all my things. Don't forget my toothbrush!" I can't wait to read him the finished product. He is so excited for this trip. Only 2 1/2 more weeks!

Last night, we had La, Jenny, and Ott over for dinner. Ott was in town from VA on business, so he came by to see our new house and break bread. It was good to see him again as it's been probably 3 years since they (he and his wife, Tera) moved back East. Sounds like they have a great life there. He's got a good job and they just had their first baby 6 mos. ago (a little girl named Katie.) I'm happy for them.

After dinner, we all sat down and watched So You Think You Can Dance. Coleman loves it. He tries to do all the moves he sees and after the show we have to put on music so he can "audition" for us. Cooper dances, too, with some help from Mommy. :)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Slip 'N' Slide Fun!

Yup! We broke out the slip 'n' slide today! Summer has truly arrived. Coleman was so excited that he didn't even want to go to the library after lunch. We had to come straight home and turn on the water. He loves this picture because it's a picture of him falling. "Funny videos!" he says. :) That's my boy!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

School's out!

It's bittersweet, really. Coleman out of school means no more long, lazy afternoons with just Cooper and I but schools letting out for summer also means that Will has two months off. Last summer, I was in my third trimester of pregnancy and Will worked on the sprinkler system in the yard all summer so we really didn't get to enjoy it. This year, we have lots of family fun planned, so summer here we come!

Last night, Coleman helped me make dirt cakes for his teacher and her aides. (Dirt cakes are cute cakes that you serve in a flower pot, complete with fake flower, gummy worms, and a garden trowel.) I delivered them when I picked Coleman up from school today and they really liked them. I was talking to my neighbor, Jen, today about how attached you can become to your children's teachers. And it's true. I think it has something to do knowing that they become an important part of your child's life and in effect, your own life. It was all I could do to keep it together when I was saying goodbye. His teacher, Miss Sheila, won't be returning next year and I just hope that the teacher that replaces her is just as compassionate and attentive as she is. We really liked her.

Hey, does anyone need a Wireless USB Adapter? I'm selling one on ebay. It's already got 2 bids and I just listed it yesterday! This eBay thing is kinda fun. Hmm, what else can I sell? Maybe I can make some more spending money for the trip. :)

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