Saturday, June 24, 2006

Too tired to write...

Oh, man! What a long day! Will and I got up early to run the Lehi Round-Up 5k at the high school. (I beat my last time by a minute and half!) After we got home, we got the boys up and ready to go to Lagoon. Coleman had fun riding the kiddie rides but was really excited about the water park. We ended up spending most of our time there and it was hot! I think it got up to about 96 degrees. Ugh! That just zaps the energy right out of you. After Lagoon, we headed over to a luau at a church in Salt Lake. It was really fun and the food was amazing! I think I need to run another 5k now to work off all that teriyaki chicken I ate. :) Man, I just couldn't stop eating! I shouldn't have to eat for at least three days.

Oh, I got the heart monitor results a couple of days ago. Bradycardia. Looks like the worst case scenerio would be a pacemaker. Right now, we just need to figure out what is causing it. Then we will know how to treat it. My doctor says that sometimes the cardiologist will just prescribe adrenalin pills to help keep my heart rate up. I guess I'll find out as soon as I can see the cardiologist (his earliest open appt. was July 27th.) I'm just going to go on vacation and enjoy myself and I'll deal with all this stuff when I get home. Not much else I can do. I feel healthy overall, just a little tired occasionally (but what mom isn't?!) I think we don't realize how truly mechanical our bodies are until the mechanics are a little off. I kind of feel like a broke down car that needs to go to the shop. :) Can I trade this one in for a newer model?

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