Thursday, June 08, 2006

Don't forget my toothbrush!

Coleman's teacher suggested that I make him a scrapbook for our upcoming vacation. It consists of pictures of all the people we are going to see and the places we are going to go. This way, he will always know what's coming next. I think it's a brilliant idea. The book isn't even done yet and Coleman already loves to read it. (I think mainly because he's the lead character.) This is one of the pictures in his book- a pic of me packing his bag. The page reads something like, "Mommy packed all my things. Don't forget my toothbrush!" I can't wait to read him the finished product. He is so excited for this trip. Only 2 1/2 more weeks!

Last night, we had La, Jenny, and Ott over for dinner. Ott was in town from VA on business, so he came by to see our new house and break bread. It was good to see him again as it's been probably 3 years since they (he and his wife, Tera) moved back East. Sounds like they have a great life there. He's got a good job and they just had their first baby 6 mos. ago (a little girl named Katie.) I'm happy for them.

After dinner, we all sat down and watched So You Think You Can Dance. Coleman loves it. He tries to do all the moves he sees and after the show we have to put on music so he can "audition" for us. Cooper dances, too, with some help from Mommy. :)


Anonymous said...

Now you can not tell me your bland picture is better then your smiling pic. As always dad knows best. : )

Nona said...

He has a point there, sugar! I always have loved your smile!!


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