Sunday, August 31, 2008

A couple cute things...

There are always these little moments when the boys do or say something funny and I think, "I need to write that down!" So, I'm going to finally write a couple of them down.

Today, the Young Women taught the children's primary classes at church. When I picked Coleman up the young woman who taught him, Summer, said "Coleman is so smart!" Of course, as his Mom I already know this but I asked her,"Did he answer some questions right?" She said she had asked him what he could do to help his Mommy at home and he said, "Clean up my toys." When asked if that would make his Mommy happy, he said yes then paused and said, "Umm, no, she would be surprised!" Yes I would!

Also, a couple of weeks ago, Coleman's little friend Madi was coming over and he was so excited to see her. He plays with her nearly everyday but for some reason this day was different. He thoughtfully dressed himself in some basketball shorts and a polo shirt and when the knock came at the door he quickly tucked in his (polo) shirt into his (basketball) shorts in order to look his best for Madi. It was so sweet! It was really just funny to see that he was aware that he needed to look his best in order to impress the fairer sex.

And today, Cooper and Coleman took turns performing song and dance numbers. Obviously inspired by Coleman's rousing performance of his original song "Ketchup," Cooper took the stage for his very own performance. We have no idea what he was singing (although I think I may have heard him say "hot dog" in there somewhere), but the dance was pretty impressive. His right leg was jerking like he was trying to shake something off of it and his arms wiggled all around. And at the end of every performance he'd always get down on one knee and gives the thumbs up with a huge smile on his face just waiting for the adoring fans (Will, Coleman and I) to applaud. Kudos, Cooper! I'll always be your biggest fan!


Jonathan's Mommy said...

So cute! It's amazing what they come up with in their adorable little heads!

Hubba's Thoughts said...

I love the cute moments!! Smart to write them down.. It seems we always forget the cute little moments. I think I would be surprised too if Madi cleaned her room by herself!!!

Nona said...

I can picture all of that!! Those are my boys!!!! Okay, so they are my grandboys! LOL I miss being with them. Yes, Alicia, write down every precious moment. One day you will have a memory like mine that keeps forgetting!

Love you boys!!


Connie said...

You have two very cute little boys! Good work you two!

Cami said...

So cute!! I love the funny things kids say and do. They make life fun that way. Your boys are adorable!

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