Thursday, September 04, 2008

6 quirks tag

Cami tagged me, so here goes! Six quirky things about me.
  1. I am a bit particular (some might say obsessive-compulsive) when I do the dishes, which is probably why I hate to do them! I basically wash them and then use the dishwasher to "sterilize" them. I always separate all the spoons, forks, and knives in the cutlery basket. Weird, I know.
  2. I'm usually not a "gaming geek" but two nights ago I spent 2 hrs playing Disney's Toontown online. It was completely cathartic- earning jellybeans, fighting Cogs, completing Toon tasks- I loved it all! Ha!
  3. I sometimes sing with the songs on my MP3 player while running on the treadmill. Pretty breathy and really terrible. What can I say?! There are some songs that just beg you to sing along! Will finds it pretty hilarious.
  4. I check my weight every single morning and it can easily affect my mood, probably why I've been in such a bad mood lately...
  5. I really dislike "parties" that aren't really parties at all. Just once I'd like to be invited to a real party just because someone likes me and not because they want me to buy Tupperware! (Sorry to anyone that's invited me to a "party." It's not you, it's me. It's just one of those Utah things I've never been able to get used to.)
  6. I really, really love those cutesy style aprons like you find on Etsy. I wish I had a billion of them. They are so dang cute!

Ok. I tag Jenn, Jenny, and Jennifer!


Cami said...

Loved your quirkiness! It's so fun to find out new things about people. I hear you about the ipod and running! I usually run in the gym and therefore cannot belt it out like I want! I wish I could though. I am with you on the "parties". I like them to an extent though, and I still feel happy that I was thought of, but it just isn't the same. Do you remember the party at my house with all the R.S. sisters? That was because I liked you and I didn't want to sell you anything! Plus, it was a blast!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I'm up for the task! I love these things! The story about the dishes is too funny! The checking the weight every morning--you should stop that! Most days here lately, that would make me have a bad day!

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