Sunday, September 14, 2008

Now that I'm a mommy...

1. I know the meaning of the word "ouch." (Delivered rugrat #1 with no epidural. Ouch, indeed. Makes me ashamed that I ever used the term before.)
2. I only decorate with items that can't be broken.
3. I have a new appreciation for abstract art and I display it all over my fridge.
4. Exercise and "me time" have to go hand in hand because I have no time for both.
5. I learned I can take a punch to the face. Who knew?
6. I had to buy a steam cleaner.
7. I will sometimes stay up way past my bedtime no matter how tired I am because it's quiet! Ahhh, I love those nights.
8. I went from thinking that I'm a kind, patient person to thinking, "I've really got work on being more kind and patient."
9. I can ignore crying, whining, etc. for hours on end. Doesn't phase me one bit.
10. I get it! I get why everyone says, "It's the toughest job you'll ever love." Wouldn't change a thing about my life or my boys. Just to hear those little voices call me Mommy. What a blessing!

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Hubba's Thoughts said...

Nice list... It true that everything changes when you have kids... You're a great mom!!

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