Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Top Ten

Inspired by a friend's recent blog, I thought I'd post a recent Top Ten list. So, here goes-

1. School is about to start and Coleman will be in school all day this year. Will was talking about how Coleman will be carrying his little lunch tray to his table at lunch time and I seriously about cried. (I'm teary-eyed right now just typing it out.) I just always have such a hard time letting him grow up! That being said, I do kinda look forward to having a bit more quiet around here during the day. The boys haven't learned a whole lot this summer but they both have PhDs in driving each other crazy! And me!

2. I bought fresh figs at Costco last week and they were not nearly as good as I remember them right off my granny's fig tree. But I did manage to make some pretty decent homemade fig newtons with them.

3. We went to a Salt Lake Bees baseball game last Friday night thanks to our friend, Jen, who won tickets off the radio and couldn't use them. We got free t-shirts and the boys got their names up on the jumbo-tron. We also got to lead the stadium in "Take me out to the ball game" during the 7th inning stretch with our section. Cooper's little mug was on the jumbo-tron for a moment. Really fun time! Here are a couple pics from the game.

4. Will and I have been playing tennis on the new courts behind our house at least twice a week. He's really competitive, as am I, so the games get pretty heated. Last night, one game went to 4 deuces! (Which means nothing to non-tennis players, so let's just say it was a close game.)

5. Cooper's birthday is next Sunday and I'm making him an Iron Man cake. I want to do something 3D but I'm having "cake block." Any ideas?

6. Cooper can finally say his P sounds and he uses it all the time because he found out that saying "Poo poo" always makes his big brother laugh. Boys...

7. Will has joined a gym in Orem called Throwdown Elite Training Center and if you know him, you've heard all about it! He is a bit obsessed with Mixed Martial Arts and has wanted to do something like this for a long time. So far he's done Muay Thai kickboxing, Jui-Jitsu, boxing and boot camp classes. He comes home exhausted and exhilirated. I'm really happy that he has found something that he can do just for himself. Even if he is a total nerd about it.

8. The boys and I are going on a picnic/adventure today. It will probably consist of eating PB&J and walking around the park looking at bugs. And maybe, no definitely, playing at the playground.

9. Tonight we are having true WV hot dogs for dinner 'cuz sometimes you just need a chili dog topped with slaw! Of course, we are having whole wheat buns, turkey franks, turkey chili and fat free mayo in the slaw because that's just how I do. My true West Virginian ancestors will be rolling over in their graves!

10. Cooper's wearing big boy undies for the first time today! Wish me luck!


Chaddy said...

I could take a WV hot dog! There was ahot dog vendor outside of city hall in Ogden. one time I went there and asked for everything. He looked at me and said "Where are you from." I said, "West by-goodness Virginia."
He said, "You're all right." He was from Memphis. Still, he didn't have slaw.

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I can't even tell you how much I love a WV hot dog! It's amazing how no one eats them like that even in KENTUCKY! Seriously, they are missing out! And I actually prefer the turkey dogs because then I don't feel so guilty :)

I hope that your day with Cooper and big boy underwear went well! Maybe some of Jonathan's happy potty training vibes have transferred to you via Blogspot!

Jen & the Claw said...

That WV dog sounds unique, might have to give it a try sometime! I'm so glad you guys had fun at the game and that the tickets were under the mat. Have to remember that next time!

Wow, big boy underwear already? I hope he does well in them. I'll keep you in my prayers. Wow, an Iron Man got me. You're always so good at that stuff, I'll leave the ideas up to you! I'm sure some magnificient idea will come up in your head.

WeTheTeeples said...

That was a fun post. Sometimes I think the random thought type posts are the most fun. YOu getto learn interesting things about people that you may never have known before.
I keep wanting to go try to attempt to play tennis at those courts, but I swear our evenings are always busy.
Good luck with the big boy pants. :)

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