Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas party.

Last night, we went to our church Christmas party. It was actually really nice. The decorations were pretty, the lights were dim and it was a catered event. Usually our church parties are potluck so this was a nice change. It was adults only so they had onsite babysitters. Hallelujah! We sat at a table with 3 other couples (all friends of ours) and had a really nice meal that I didn't have to cook. :) We were asked to bring a dessert so, of course, I made a cake. Well, after dinner we played an, um, nicer version of the newlywed game and Will and I were asked to participate. We are always up for embarassing each other so we raced up to our spots in front. And boy did we try our hardest to embarass each other! All the other couples were so nice to each other. That's no fun! Anyway, after the party everybody kept telling us how funny we were. It was such a blast! Will really turns it on when people are watching. He's shameless!

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Nona said...

Another beautiful and elegant cake!! What creativity!

So, are you enjoying your visit with your dad? Does he get a special cake while he is there?

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