Sunday, July 01, 2007


It's my new best time in a 5k! My goal was to run it in under 29 minutes so you can imagine my surprise when I approached the finish line and the official time was still in the 25 minute range! 25:48! That's just over 8 minutes per mile! I'm stilled psyched about it. This run was really special, too, because Will, Gail (my sister-in-law) and Lindsay and Taylor (my nieces) ran in it, too. Everybody did well and Taylor actually won her age division (12 and under). We are so proud of her! I didn't win in my age division (18-29) but next year I'll be in the 30-39 yr old age division so maybe my chances will be better then. Plus, I'll have another year to work on quickening my pace.

Will's finish was probably the most dramatic of the day. After finishing the race, I stationed myself at the finish line to cheer on everyone else. Before I knew it, Will had turned the corner and was coming down the final stretch. As he came closer to me I could see that he was really digging in and the reason why was quickly apparent. A 13-yr-old girl was right beside him and they were sprinting to the end. They were both determined not to lose! You could see it on their faces. The whole crowd was chuckling about the old guy (Will's 33) racing the little girl. It was so close but she pulled ahead of him at the last second. It was so funny to watch! I just wish I had it on video. Anyway, we really had a fun time. And Will and I are looking for a 5k to run while on vacation. Anyone know of any coming up in SC or WV?


Jonathan's Mommy said...

Congrats on such a good time!

That story about Will is too funny! I know I would have completely died laughing!!

supermommysquared said...

Yeah!! On your time! I was laughing while reading the story about Will and the girl. I hope you have fun on your visit to WV and PA.

Dad said...

Doesn't surprise me after Will beat the old man and the amusement park at musical chairs. I hope I am never pitted against him for use of an oxygen machine. haha

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