Sunday, February 10, 2008

My 100

1. I love tennis! Will play anytime, anywhere, with anybody.
2. I hate doing dishes and there are always dirty dishes in my sink. Always.
3. I miss being by my family in West Virginia but never want to live there again.
4. I love the smell of fresh cut grass.
5. I still don't know how to properly apply eyeshadow.
6. I constantly lose words and end up saying, "Ummm..." a lot in conversations. This drives me crazy! And probably everyone that I talk to.
7. I have "Flintstone" toes. They are all the same length.
8. I hate the snow.
9. My sweet little boys make me laugh all the time.
10. It really annoys me that my husband is so obsessed with football. I mean, it's just a game!
11. I can make a mean cupcake. My favorite is the strawberry cupcake with lemon cream cheese frosting and topped with a slice of strawberry and lemon zest. Oh, and there's the PB&J cupcake...
12. I miss eating sweets. It's been 13 days.
13. I don't believe that the number 13 is unlucky. I'm not superstitious and you'll never get one of those, "Send this to 7 people or else" kind-of emails from me.
14. I wash my hands way too much. Most of the time, my hands look like I just dipped them in flour.
15. I run to keep my sanity. Not sure if it's working.
16. It took me three tries to pass my driver's license test.
17. I love musicals but haven't seen one in years.
18. My parents took me to Disney World pretty much every year of my young life and now I love it probably more than my kids.
19. I love watching the Food Network especially when I'm dieting. It's like food porn and I'm an addict!
20. I'm really competitive.
21. My dad calls me "Leesh" with a thick hillbilly accent.
22. My middle name is Marie, named after Marie Osmond.
23. I've met Marie Osmond on a couple different occasions. She's really sweet.
24. I love celebrities but I do not envy them one bit.
25. I'm a happy girl.
26. I was president of the Environmental Action Club in high school long enough to get my picture taken for the yearbook.
27. I rarely go to bed before midnight.
28. I keep a daily food log. Have for the past 2 years.
29. I still can't believe that I have a little one with red hair.
30. My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate peanut butter.
31. My favorite color is pink most days. Sometimes it's blue.
32. I was a free spirit in high school and my hair has been every color under the sun.
33. I made a split second decision to get a tattoo when I was 21. I don't love it but I don't regret it.
34. I'd love to have my own cupcake shop.
35. I'm completely unorganized right now which is so unlike me.
36. I love my neighbors.
37. My favorite restaurant is Happy Sumo. I love sushi! It's my favorite food.
38. I hope they have good sushi in South Carolina.
39. The dentist says I need a crown on one of my teeth. Not good.
40. I love getting packages in the mail even if it's just something I ordered and knew was coming.
41. I absolutely hate scary movies and will not watch them.
42. I wake up in the middle of the night pretty much every night and cannot go back to sleep until I check on the boys.
43. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
44. I listen to my Norah Jones CD when I need to relax.
45. I've never been able to do a cartwheel. I'm pretty fantastic at somersaults, though.
46. I love watching Elvis movies and pretty much any old classic movie from the '50s or '60s.
47. I worked at Old Navy in Orlando one summer and I dressed up as the Old Navy dog for a celebrity all-star soccer game at Disney Wide World of Sports. Woof!
48. I love my hair down but it's pretty much always pulled back.
49. I very rarely make my bed in the morning.
50. I love my husband. No seven year itch here.
51. I've been told that I say, "Gee whiz!" whenever I'm annoyed.
52. My sister-in-law calls me Doris Day. I must've been born in the wrong era. I was totally supposed to be a mom in the '50s! Gee whiz!
53. I recently spent over $100 on a pair of running shoes. The best $100 I've spent in a long while.
54. I rarely spend $100 on anything.
55. I love bargain hunting at Ross. It's completely cathartic.
56. I had to look up cathartic in the dictionary to make sure I was using it right.
57. Did you know catharsis also means cleansing your bowels? That's weird.
58. That's not what I meant when I said shopping was cathartic.
59. I love pop music and will blast it in my MP3 player while I clean. It boosts my energy. My right now favorite is Move Your Feet by Junior Senior.
60. We have dance parties at my house all the time. The boys and I are always cutting a rug! I turn on the music and yell,"Verburg Dance party!" and we boogie. It's so fun to hear their giggles while we dance.
61. I'm a terrible dancer. Total white girl.
62. My favorite movie is The Notebook.
63. We have a standing kickboxing bag in our family room. I bought it for Will but I use it way more than he does.
64. I miss the sun. Can't wait for spring!
65. I've never scrapbooked.
66. I love that my husband is the only Valentine I've ever had. I had many boyfriends but never was with anyone on Valentine's until Will.
67. I am not a picky eater. I like pretty much everything.
68. I broke my big toe when I was a kid and my mom cut the toe out of my sneakers to make room for my big, bandaged toe.
69. I took dance lessons for 8 years between the ages of 2-10.
70. I still vividly remember one of my classmates puking next to me in 7th grade.
71. I really want to buy a bike, as in a bicycle not a Harley.
72. I'm not good at decorating and it gives me a headache to even think about it.
73. I still know all the words to Ice, Ice Baby.
74. Will and I are planning to go on a cruise for our 10th wedding anniversary in 2010.
75. I haven't been on an overnighter with Will and I alone since before Coleman was born.
76. I've had laser hair removal and I love it! I'm going back for more and more until I'm as hairless as a sphynx.
77. I love oatmeal for breakfast and eat in about 100 different ways.
78. I'm the only blonde out of all my siblings (3 sisters, 1 brother.)
79. I love long, hot bubble baths with no interruptions.
80. I predict that Will will buy me a another CD for Valentine's Day. Not sure which one though. Maybe the newish John Mayer CD.
81. I had my first kiss at 16.
82. My favorite days of the year are my kids birthdays.
83. My favorite day of the week is Friday.
84. My mailbox is falling apart and needs new screws. Has for the past 2 years.
85. I went on my first diet when I was just 11. I took my little baggy of Slimfast powder and thermos full of milk and that's what I had for lunch. That's really sad, right?
86. I can outrun my husband and I do outrun him in every 5k we enter. I love that! See #20.
87. I used to work as a paraeducator in a classroom with severe and profoundly disabled teens. That was a very rewarding job.
88. I wish I were lying on a beach somewhere right now.
89. I really like eating at diners. There's just something about it.
90. I have a rather extensive Hello Kitty collection. Dolls, bags, notepads, figurines, even Hello Kitty McDonald's toys from Thailand. Got those on eBay.
91. I hate to drive anywhere further than into town.
92. My favorite flowers are daisies.
93. My most favorite thing I've ever done on vacation is go whitewater rafting.
94. I love entering sweepstakes but have yet to win anything.
95. I love to sing along to Patsy Cline and Frank Sinatra songs. Again, so should've been around in the 1950s.
96. I have my own set of golf clubs and play with Will as often as he'll let me. I need to find a girlfriend who likes to play.
97. I got hit by a car when I was 5 yrs old. Don't worry. I'm okay.
98. I love to do something I call "Windows" shopping. It's where you shop online, put a bunch of stuff in your cart and then don't buy it. I don't know why but I do it all the time!
99. I cannot use forks with bent prongs. It's drives me crazy!
100. I'm making chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight. Better get started!


Hubba's Thoughts said...

Sounds great Lish!!! There's a lot of stuff on yours that should be on mine, I just didn't put it down.. Oh well. Sorry that I don't play golf.......

supermommysquared said...

5.I also have no idea about eye shadow!
16.It also took me three times to pass my driver's, but it took until I was 22, so that should make you feel better :) At least some dorky Junior named Spike didn't call you Skillz in Driver's ed (like me) I also crashed on the driving range, whatever :)
26. I was in that club with you...I may have also attended one meeting
74. Cam and I are planning a cruise for the 10th as well and in 2010, maybe we will see you there!
90. I LOVE Hello Kitty and have passed on my obsession to Hailey
98. I thought I was the only one that Windows shopped! It makes me feel happy when I am low!

Jen & the Claw said...

You've got so much stamina to be able to sit down and type out all 100 things about yourself! I think I would've given up by number 10. I must say that I will miss most of those things listed about you...ok, maybe not the bubble bath one and the hair one...but that's why I said MOST and not all! Hope you're having an AWESOME DAY!

Anne Marie said...

I love your list! I can't believe how much we have in common. I love that you named it "Windows shopping". I do that, too. I don't know why it's so rewarding but it is. I feel like I'm saving money. "Well, I could have just spent $79, but I didn't." And I also remember taking Slimfast to school in Jr. High! Sad! I thought I was the only one!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

3. I am totally in agreement with you on this. It causes me a good deal of guilt but I feel better now that I know someone else feels the same way.
11. I must find a recipe for PB&J cupcakes--that sounds fabulous!
25. Me too! Love being peppy!
26. I remember you and Heather being in the club. And selling environmental themed t-shirts for some reason. Not sure why that stuck.
30. Mine, too, particularly from Baskin Robbins
32. I still remember borrowing clothes from you and going to a rave! You were so cool!
37. I also love sushi! I wish you lived here so we could eat out!
39. Got one. Not fun.
45. I could never do one either. Or even a backwards summersault. Always made me feel like a dork.

I'm cracking up at your Doris Day comments! Back when I knew you, I never would have guessed someone would say that 12 years later!

Connie said...

The Notebook is my favorite too. For some reason I find myself thinking about your Flinstone toes from time to time. The visual image is stuck in my head. Does this mean you are definitely moving to SC?

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