Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A "campout" for non-campers.

Our church sponsored a father/son campout a couple of weekends ago. Sounds like fun, right?! Well, Will is NOT a camper and even though he had intended to go, at the last minute he decided it wasn't for him. However, in the spirit of being one with nature, we decided to have our own "campout" at a nearby park. Our campout was essentially just a cook-out but the boys were so excited to be camping that we let them believe that's what camping is. (Who wouldn't want to go camping if it means eating hot dogs and s'mores and then going home to sleep in a nice cozy bed?!)

I have to admit that I was a little worried that Will wouldn't be able to start a fire. He's never been a boy scout and if you consider the friends he hung out with as a kid, the closest he's ever been to fire was probably first-degree arson. But he surprised me! I guess he did a little homework and asked his co-worker how to build a fire. He built the little firewood stack and voila, fire!
I was impressed! I was prepared to be eating cold hot dogs and stiff s'mores but ol' hubby is more manly than I thought! The boys were very meticulous when it came to finding wood to feed the fire. They loved impressing their Dad with their finds. Here they are looking for the perfect sticks.
Cooper found one!
The fire was blazing and Coleman was convinced that he needed to stand on the picnic table while roasting his marshmallows in order to keep safe. That child is quirky!

Here are a couple cute shots of Super Cooper-

The boys had so much fun that we are planning to do this again and again this summer. Who knows, maybe Will will be one of those Grizzly Adams types by next years father/son campout?! Ha!


Jonathan's Mommy said...

I'm with Will--I'm not a camping type of person either. But I would totally do camping this way!

Hubba's Thoughts said...

Great pictures! I'm glad you guys had fun!! We'll have to go with you sometime!! Gotta love a hot dog on a stick!!

Jen & the Claw said...

Oh my goodness! That's my ideal camp out...going home to a nice warm bed! Lol! Cooper looks like he enjoyed it and Coleman...what a silly boy to stay so far from the fire with his marshmallow! Too cute!

Patrick & Heather Nagel said...

Cute pictures. Alicia you the best. I love those cakes that you make. Thanks for doing them. Nicole is in LOVE with animals and that cake was just awesome, I tell ya you are inspired. I hope you are doing great, I'm sorry I am always in a hurry when I get the cakes and don't get to visit much. I sent you an invite to my blog. I did have a question for you, I like how you can open up other people's blog into a different window, how do you do that? On my blog it kicks me off of mine to open up a different link.

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