Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catch-up post!

Ok. Just taking a minute here (after midnight!) to catch-up a little on my blog. I've been posting about once a week on my other blog and I guess that's all I've really had in me to write lately.

First of all let's catch up a little on Coops. I just love this redhead so much. I just want to eat him up some days! He has been so affectionate lately always giving Mom and Dad lots of hugs and kisses and "I love you's." Will has really been appreciating this because Cooper has typically given Mom all the love and Dad all the kicks to the head. Oh, and he just finished up his very first season of soccer. The Purple People Eaters had a great fall season.  Cooper has gotten better each week and even scored a goal a couple of games back! Even so, I'm not entirely sure that soccer is his sport. While he enjoys playing, when they ask if anyone needs a break, he is always to first kid to volunteer. He really just likes sitting on Mom's lap, drinking some Gatorade and cheering for his team. We're thinking he may be more of a baseball guy, as he's been excited to watch games with Will and has begun asking lots of questions while he watches.  Since t-ball won't be until next summer, we've decided to sign Cooper up for some MMA (mixed martial arts) classes until then. Starting that in a couple weeks! He's a natural fighter so I'm sure he'll do really well.

Now Coleman. My sweet Coleman. He is such a great boy! He consistently does as he's told and always without complaining.  He loves to read and going to the library is the highlight of his week.  Lately, he's been obsessed with writing (and illustrating) chapter books of his own. He will work on them for hours at a time, breaking only to think about what his next book will be about. Sometimes, he'll go and pace around in the back yard "acting out" what he wrote. And yes, he does look a bit crazy walking around talking to himself but at least he's being creative, right?!  Coleman has also been enjoying a bit of fame this month from his appearance in the Friend.  It seems like everyone and their brother has seen it. Every day he comes home and says that someone else mentioned they saw him. I think he's really enjoying his 15 minutes of fame. He plans on extending his fame by appearing in the Lehi Arts Council's performance of the Kidz Musical 101 Dalmatians at the beginning of November.  Watch out because Chihuahua #4 just might steal the show! :)

As for Will, he's been busy working.  Being an asst. principal at a jr. high is no easy task!  He's so blessed to have a job that allows him so much time off, though. We really love having him home on the days that school is out.  Of course, work is not all he's been up to. He has been taking ukulele lessons for the past few weeks. Ukulele? Really?! Yes! He has always wanted to learn. He says he just loves how calming the music is.  He's determined to do some mean strumming at the beach next summer. I've been listening to him practice and he's getting quite good. He can now play the Happy Birthday song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Gotta' start somewhere!  Will is also training for the marathon along with me. He had a brief spell with a swollen ankle but all is well now and he's training at 100%. So proud of him!

As for me, it's same ol', same ol'.  I am keeping myself pretty busy lately shopping for the perfect new flooring for our downstairs. I've narrowed it down to either hardwood or laminate. Still trying to decide what will look best with our maple cabinets. I'm terrible at making these kinds of decisions. Too indecisive.  And absolutely no clue what looks good. I need some help! Other than the floors, I've been running (a lot!) and doing all the busy mommy stuff that I do everyday. Gotta love it!!


Jonathan's Mommy said...

Great update! I need to do the same! Sounds like you all are doing great!

Nagels said...

I saw that article in the Friend the other day when I was reading to my kids. That's awesome. Glad to read about your cute family.

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