Sunday, April 04, 2010

Our 2nd annual Disneyland trip!

Now that we've gone twice- it's considered a tradition, right? Well, I love this new tradition! Once again, we had such a blast soaking up the sun in Southern California. And once again, we took advantage of every second of this week long trip. Here is a Disneyland 2010 Top 10!

1. The most memorable moment of the whole trip, for us and the boys alike, was the Jedi Training Academy. Cooper had talked about nothing else the entire time leading up to the trip.  He knew that he was destined to be a Jedi. And we were going to have to make it happen. He would need to be picked out of the crowd to participate so we figured our best bet would be to go to the first show of the day. So, we did. And guess what? He wasn't picked.  So we came back an hour later for the second show. This time, the Jedi must have felt the force was strong in our family because both boys got picked!  They were so excited.  Here's little Cooper getting suited up. He was all business.
     And Coleman ready for training.
    After being properly trained, the boys got a chance to fight Darth Vader himself!

    We've now been home from this trip for 4 weeks and Cooper is still totally obsessed with everything Star Wars. Anything he can turn into a lightsaber, he does. Yesterday, it was a dowel rod from my cake decorating bin. The day before that, a mailing tube.  Before Disneyland, he had Jedi tendencies.  After, he is a Jedi master second only to Yoda.

    2. This year, Grandma and Grandpa Verburg accompanied us to SoCal.  It was so fun to have them there with us!  Not to mention, really nice to actually be able to go on a couple "grown-up" rides while they watched the boys. God bless grandparents!  Here are some cute shots with Grandma and Grandpa. Love them! I am blessed with amazing in-laws!

    3. One of the first things Coleman said after getting to Disneyland- "I love my life!"  And he said it so emphatically!  He really meant it.  Makes a mom and dad feel really great!  We got treated to this fun mantra a couple more times on this trip, too.

    4. You may know that Will is training for his first MMA amateur fight but you wouldn't guess it to see how much of a wimp he is on rides.  Case in point-
     scared on Tower of Terror

    scared on Space Mountain

    really scared on Splash Mountain (this one may be a bit of a stretch)

    missing from this photo because he was too scared to get on the Ferris Wheel

    But don't worry, he eventually found something that was more his speed...

    5. What in the world did we eat to fuel all this fun while we were at Disneyland, you ask?  Well, we ate our weight in turkey legs, of course!  The turkey legs are amazing and we convinced ourselves they were health food and provided us plenty of protein to fuel our muscles so we ate plenty!  At $8 each they were not cheap but what is at Disneyland?!
    Notice the grease smudge in the middle of our "sharing" pic?  Oh yeah! Health food! Ha ha!

    6.  Speaking of food, this year we took a mental health day while in SoCal and ventured away from the park and out into the real world.  We spent a leisurely day at the Asian mall in Little Saigon and at the LA Farmers Market.  I think both of these places are going to part of our yearly itinerary from now on.  Just look at all the yummy food we bought that day!  Asian, Cajun and French food + treats from the bakery and chocolate shop. Oh man!  It's a wonder I didn't gain more weight than I did that week!

    7. Coleman has turned into our very own Forrest Gump as of lately.  From being in a magazine to having his name used in a book by his favorite author, this kid just always seems to be in the spotlight without ever really trying to be (or caring to be).  It cracks me up how apathetic he is about it all. That being said, it was no surprise that, on this trip to Disney, Coleman won the Screamer of the Day Contest at the Monster's Inc. ride that allowed us to be first on the ride and first to ride anytime we wanted to the rest of the day.  Go Coleman!  This kid is a stud!

    8.  Last year, we decided to hit the beach for one day and we were thrilled to have beautiful, warm weather.  We frolicked at the beach and soaked up the sun.  This year? Well, yes we still frolicked but it was tepid frolicking.  A little too cool to spend much time in the water but we walked along the boardwalk and went to lunch at The Crab Cooker so still a fantastic day!

    9. Will and I ran in a half-marathon in Vegas on the way back to Utah- check that report out HERE!

    10. To see any other pics that you didn't see here, check out my photo album.

    There you go! At long last, the Disneyland blog post!  I'm apparently running about a month behind but it's Spring Break so I'm hoping to catch up.  Hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter!

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