Monday, January 02, 2012

It's 2012! Happy New Year!

I stopped by my blog today just to check out how I did on last year's resolutions.  One of them was to post to this blog 2-3 times a month. Well, I did post 3 times in 2011 so I'd say that's a great big success huge FAILure!  Oh, well. Resolutions were made to be broken, right?

2011 really was a great year for us. Personally, I ran 3 marathons, 2 half marathons, a 10k, 3 5ks and Ragnar.  I raised money for a fantastic teacher while training for my last marathon and I qualified and joined the Marathon Maniacs. I've also made some new friends, read lots of good books and thoroughly enjoyed my first year back as a primary teacher. 

Our vacations were short but fun. As a family, we went to St. George, Disneyland, Park City, Lagoon for a couple days and even flew to South Carolina for Thanksgiving.  As a couple, Will and I went to San Francisco and I also spent a few days with my girlfriends in Southern Utah.  Will got away to Vegas with his buddy Seth for a couple days, too.

Coleman and Cooper continue to grow and I continue to struggle with the internal conflict of being happy to watch them grow vs. being sad that I can't stop time and have them be my "little" ones just a bit longer.  Coleman is insightful and kind. Cooper is energetic and precarious. They couldn't be more different and each year that passes proves it even more.  I love being a mom. I am in love with those kids. They. Are. Everything.

Well, this wouldn't be a proper New Year's post without at least a couple resolutions so here goes-

In 2012,
  • I will continue running throughout the year and run at least 2 marathons. (A good number since that is how many I'm signed up for already.)  My foot is injured and I'm not sure how well I'll be running once I get back to it so no time goals for now.
  • I will work on magnifying my callings at church (my current callings are primary teacher, yw asst camp director and visiting teacher). I will focus on making sure my primary kids, the young women and the ladies I visit teach know I love them through acts of service and kindness.
  • I will apply to go back to school and start finishing what I started all those years ago.
  • I will focus on the health of my family and be sure to feed them healthy, well thought out meals and set a good example for my boys with my own healthy habits.
  • I will build my food storage, buying at least one thing a week to add to it and
  • I will find and maintain balance in my life, remembering that, when I put my Father in Heaven first, He will help me to keep things in perspective.
I kinda' feel like I should be saying amen after all that. Haha.  Nothing like setting new goals to remind you what's really important.

I'd say that's a good list for now.

Happy 2012, all!


Kayelynne said...

this is a fantastic post Alicia, love your list of resolutions. I think one of mine should be..."be a primary teacher like Alicia"

Love you girl

Anonymous said...

Keep your goals in front of you and you will achieve them all.


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