Monday, August 07, 2006

Where do I start?

Okay. I have yet to post anything about our trip because I'm too overwhelmed by the amount I have to share! First things first. Our vacation was fantastic! We started it with a bang by meeting family in N. Carolina and going to Carowinds Amusement Park. Coleman had a blast and is now officially not afraid of anything! I think if he were tall enough, Will would've had to take him on the big coasters. He had a blast and he can't wait to go back.

Next, we went up to WV and everytime we went up or down a hill (which is all the time in WV!), Coleman would say "Weeee!" like it was a roller coaster. It was really fun to see family and be at home for a little while. It always good to reconnect. We went to a performance by the No Pants comedy troupe (No, they are not naked! They wear shorts!) that my brother-in-law is in. They basically do improv comedy like that one show that Drew Carey does. There is lots of audience participation. In fact, Will, Coleman, and I all got a chance to get on stage at one point or another. That was really fun. Although, I definitely don't think on my feet very well. I think I'll stick to what I do best, heckling! Just kidding. I'm not a good heckler either. In fact, I am not an attention seeker. I just much prefer being a wallflower.

Also, while in WV we stayed with my sister Celeste and her boyfriend for a few days. She hosted the big July 4th BBQ at her house because she's got a fantastic pool. There was so much good food! It was really fun. Oh, and Will and I ran in the Riverfest 5k in St. Albans and I got 2nd place in my age bracket! I got a trophy and everything! I beat my last time by nearly 2 minutes! It really is easier to run at a lower altitude.
That reminds me, I need to find a race for Will and I to do this month. I better get on that.

WV offered lots of unhealthy, greasy, yummy food that I just couldn't wait to eat! I had a Tudor's biscuit the morning after we arrived and helped myself to some Dunkin' Donuts after our race. Those were the two things that I really had to have while we were there. And they were worth every stinkin' calorie!

We ended our trip to WV by going to a baseball game in the new Power Park in downtown Charleston. Uncle Kevin bought Coleman a baseball helmet and a little wooden baseball bat and Coleman was ready to play as soon as he put them on. He asked us if he was on the team. He's so cute!

Well, I'll get to the rest of the trip on the next post.

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