Thursday, February 22, 2007


I just got the email that I've been waiting for all winter! Tennis lessons start back up next Saturday! I haven't played once since the first weekend of October so this has been a long time comin'! I managed to acquire 4 new tennis skirts and a new racquet over the break. Oh, and I better go buy some new tennis shoes some time in the next week! I'm really excited!

On the homefront, Coleman and Cooper are nearly constantly at war lately. They will be playing happily one minute and the next minute Coleman will be screaming and running from Cooper (who is usually holding something dangerous, like a plastic bat) or they will be exchanging slaps on the arm. It's truly exhausting! Although, I have to say I'm slightly amused with the fact that Cooper is more of bully than Coleman, who is twice his size...

I've been doing a lot of vacation planning lately. Which also means I've been doing a lot of penny-pinching. I'm hoping to go and visit my good friend Amber over Memorial Day weekend in Fresno. I just need to find a plane ticket at a decent price. Our big trip is this summer, though. We are headed back East for about a month this July. We are going to start out in Charlotte for a couple of days, then to West Virginia, then to the beach for a few days with Seth and Charya, then to S. Carolina, and finally to Orlando for a visit with Mickey. Should be jam-packed and lots of fun. There is a lot to do before then to make sure it all goes smoothly. Plane tickets to buy, condos to rent, hotel reservations to make, finding the best prices on amusement park tickets, etc,etc. That being said, I have to say I love the planning stages and Coleman loves to sit on my lap and look at the Disney website. He reminds me so much of the thrill I would get when I went to Disney World as a child. It's one of the things I love the best about being a parent- being able to share in these kind of experiences with my own kids. And everyone loves a vacation, right?


Dad said...

I am glad you are enjoying some of the things I enjoyed as your dad.

Dad said...

I am waiting for an update on the Verburg family. This is like a diary that I bet you are not keeping anywhere else.


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