Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Will and I celebrated last night. We actually got a real babysitter and went out for sushi. It was so good! I got a sushi roll called the Rainbow Roll. It was sushi filled with crab and avocado and then topped with 5 different types of sashimi (raw fish). Really fresh sashimi just melts in your mouth! And after dinner, we walked over to a chocolate shop around the corner. Will got his favorite, the chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick and I got a generous piece of English toffee and a Macadamia Bear (macadamia nuts with caramel covered in chocolate.) You have never seen anyone enjoy chocolate more than I did last night! Especially since it's the first bit of sugar I've had in a long while! I think I took 20 minutes to eat those 2 pieces. I just had to treat myself. Although, a couple hours later I hit a wall like you wouldn't believe! I'm really not sure if the chocolate was worth the repercussions! Next time I'll go with the sugar-free chocolates. Maybe.

This morning, Coleman woke up to a card and a peanut butter heart from his mommy and daddy. And for lunch, I made him a heart shaped turkey sandwich and served it with some fresh strawberries. He's really excited for school today because they are having a Valentines party. He handmade all his Valentines and signed each one. He is really getting good at his signature!

This is a picture of Coleman this morning with one of the Valentines that he made. (The smile is not natural. It's what you get when you point a camera at him and tell him to smile. Too cute.) The Valentines are construction paper hearts with a Valentines pencil stuck through them. You can't see it real well but he colored little faces on the front and signed his name on the back. He was so proud.

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A babysitter! To get Sushi?

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