Sunday, March 16, 2008

Coleman's Birthday Slideshow!

My baby boy is 6! Coleman's birthday party was on Saturday but we had his birthday party on Friday hoping to beat the weekend crowds. We booked a party at Jump On It which is this neat place that has wall to wall trampolines and also an area with blow-ups, video games and some private decorated party rooms. My goal this year was to have his party somewhere other than my house so I wouldn't have to stress over cleaning, decorating, games and all the other stuff that comes with birthday parties. I stress enough over the cake (not too mention make a huge mess preparing it.) This year was the most stress free party yet and I think Coleman had more fun than ever. He had 7 cousins and 4 little friends (and parents, too) come to celebrate with him and he couldn't have been more pleased.

After an hour and a half of all the fun a kid can handle we all made our way to the party room to have cake and open presents. Coleman wanted an El Tigre themed cake. El Tigre is a new cartoon that plays on Nickelodeon. It's not very well known and it was near impossible to find toys for the cake but I finally found a set of McDonald's Happy Meal El Tigre toys on eBay. the cake was a fairly simple vanilla sheet cake filled with cookies and creme filling and frosted with chocolate fudge buttercream. The piece de resistance was the volcano that sat atop the cake. I formed it out of rice krispie treats and iced it with the same frosting as the cake, then I poured "molten lava" (tinted red icing) around the sides. At the time of presentation, I added a bit of dried ice and hot water inside the top of the volcano to give it that about-to-erupt cool factor. It was a total hit and my brother says I get an A+ for my science project! Thanks Chad!

Thanks for all who came and shared this party with us! It means so much to me to have so many people who love and care for Coleman. Truly.

And what a blessing he is to us. I mean how many people can say they have an actual super hero living with them! Thanks, Dr. Chalk, for always keeping us safe. We love you!


Jen & the Claw said...

Dr. Chalk is a very handsome and smart boy! Thanks for having us over. Your boys are sure growing up fast! Don't move so that we can continue the tradition of going to all of Coleman's birthday parties! Oh and by the way, the cake was super delicious!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

That cake is amazing! I have yet to try fillings yet but I plan to tackle it once my kitchen rennovation is complete!

That looks like an awesome party! I am going to have to steal your idea for Jonathan's b-day this year and do it somewhere besides my house! It's too much work!

Anonymous said...

Wow looks like Coleman had a great birthday! Great job on the cake I wish I could have tried a piece:)-Amber

Papaw said...

Sorry I missed your birthday Cole. I did not know I had a grandson that doubled as a super hero. I hope to make next years birthday party.

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