Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our Top 10 Easter '08 Memories

10. Coleman and Cooper got to participate in three Easter egg hunts this year. One church egg hunt, one neighborhood party and one with family. That's close to 40 candy filled eggs for each boy! Kinda makes your sweet tooth ache, doesn't it?

9. We colored easter eggs for Family Home Evening the Monday before Easter. The boys got a big kick out of "coloring" the egg with the invisible crayon and then dipping it to see what they drew.

8. On the way to Easter egg hunt #1, I got a flat tire only to be scooped up by a sweet neighbor. When asked if I needed a ride home, I told her no because Will was supposed to meet me at the park after his Praxis test at BYU. Well, Will's test ran long and he didn't show so I ended up walking 1/2 a mile home in the freezing weather with Cooper in my arms and Coleman dragging along behind me. I made it as fun as I could by racing the boys and singing songs but it was pretty miserable. Here's a video from before the long walk home-

7. Easter Sunday fell on a Stake Conference day and in our book that means NO CHURCH! I know that's so bad! Even non-religious types go to church on Easter Sunday, right?! Well, hopefully we didn't miss out on too many blessings by playing hooky...

6. We had dinner at June's (Will's sister's) house. That means great food and lots of it. Also, the boys were completely occupied by other kids and we actually got in some adult conversation. There was much to do about Obama's pastor. Any opinions?

5. I usually allow myself one Cadbury creme egg as a special treat every Easter. (I know they are sickeningly sweet, but I love them!) This year I think I allowed myself 1/2 a dozen! Guess I can't have another until the year 2013! It's probably for the best.

4. On Easter Day (when we were supposed to be at church) I cleaned the entire upstairs of our house. Let me tell you, that's quite a feat. And I'm happy to say that it has stayed clean since! If only the Easter bunny could do windows...

3. Coleman did such a great job playing with all the other kids on Easter at June's house. Typically, when there are a lot of people around, he just sorta shuts down and tries to be alone (it's an autism/overstimulation thing) but this year he was right in the thick of things. We were so proud of him! There were a lot of kids there! See for yourself!2. The Easter bunny was very generous this year and got the boys some pretty cool stuff. Coleman's Test Tube Alien is a constant reminder of just how generous the Easter bunny is. It's sitting by the kitchen sink in all it's test tube glory. This thing is creepy and Coleman loves it! Cooper got some Spiderman body wash and since he loves anything Spiderman, he was more than thrilled.

1. The best part about Easter 2008 was not the candy or toys or the Easter egg hunts, it was all the quality time that our li'l family got to spend together. I'm cherishing every moment because I know they grow up fast and our lives will only get busier and busier. So Happy Belated Easter from our family to yours!


Jen & the Claw said...

I'm so glad you made it home okay with the kids. Should have called us silly! We would've come and pick you guys up! We are up to our eye balls in candy too! I had to coordinate the easter egg hunt at our Church. I can't wait until Talon is old enough to color eggs with us! (We stayed up until 2:30am coloring them and then filling up the plastic ones with candy!) The joys of parenthood and being in Primary! Glad you guys had fun!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

That sounds so fun!! Except for the flat tire--THAT is no fun! I hate car trouble!

I am an Obama supporter and I think he did the right thing in respose to the issue regarding his pastor. Just my two cents, of course :)

Your boys are just too cute! I am right with you, I just can't believe how quickly Jonathan has grown and that makes me understand why people have second children!

Hubba's Thoughts said...

Sounds like you had a great Easter!! I liked your top ten list! Have a great day.

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