Monday, November 24, 2008

3 days until Thanksgiving!

And I'm thankful for the United Way. Ok, this probably wouldn't be high on my list most years but I really wanted to post about the service opportunity we had the other day. A couple of weeks ago I went to a conference for parents with kids with Special Needs. United Way had a booth there and after talking with their representative I asked them if they ever had volunteer opportunities that involve the whole family. (Will and I have always said that we wanted to start volunteering at least once a month once the boys were old enough to.) To my delight, she said that they actually had a Family Volunteer Day coming up the next weekend and even the 3 yr old could help out. Yay! That's just what we were looking for. Upon returning home, I told Will about it and found out that the Michigan/Ohio State game was at the same time! Bummer! But wait! (This will blow your mind!) Will, knowing that the game probably wouldn't go well, welcomed the diversion! This was shocking to me because he says that he hasn't missed a Michigan/Ohio State game since 1985 (and I believe it!) But he knew this would be great way to teach the boys some important lessons.

So, this past Saturday morning we woke the boys up early and headed to the food bank in Provo to receive our assignment. They gave us directions and we promptly headed to Hoofbeats for Healing, a therapeutic horseback riding arena in Spanish Fork. The boys were surprisingly excited to help. We spent the morning cleaning out storage trailers and shoveling and leveling out dirt in front of their indoor facilities. We really did have fun and the boys learned that helping others can make you happy. Great experience and we plan on having many more like it. Here's a few pics from that morning.

Will shoveling dirt. I was too but I stopped to take this picture. No lie!

The boys raking out the dirt to make it level. Well, let's just say they gave it their best shot. What more could I ask?

And here's Cooper hard at work. He was so cute just following everyone elses lead.

Coleman and Cooper both worked really hard picking big rocks out of the dirt and tossing them aside.

Great job, guys! Let's go check the website for another service project!


Dad said...

We tried to do that as a family when Alicia was a child. We volunteered to ring bells for a Salvation Army Kettle at Christmas. The person we were suppose to meet did not show up. That was the end of that. I am glad it worked out better for you.


Jonathan's Mommy said...

What a good idea! I need to check into that and see if there is anything we can do around here!

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