Friday, October 27, 2006

Chocolate lattice cake. Uh, needs some work.

I was so excited to try this cake I had seen somewhere on the 'net, so I ran to Walmart tonight, bought everything that I needed, came home and got started right away. Well, to make a long story short- it didn't really turn out how I had hoped. I was going to give this to a neighbor but was too embarassed. A learning experience. I know what I did wrong and I will try it again. It was really yummy just not very pretty.


Emily said...

just randomly clicking through blogs and came across yours. the cakes look dee-licious! :-)

Nona said...

I don't know what the cake was supposed to look like, but any cake with chocolate on it looks yummy, you know?
You are doing great. And I love the Halloween cake with the ghosts and house on it. You are doing grrrreat! !! Keep up the good work. I am glad you are enjoying it.


amberjay said...

This is my favorite one!! It is so abstract, I love it!

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