Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My first cake decorating class cake!

Here's my first cake class cake! I made it tonight at my cake decorating class. It was really fun! The instructor taught us how to use the grass tip and also taught us a couple of different ways to do borders. Coleman let me use 3 of his toy trucks and he was so thrilled when I brought this home! I also found out what the local bakeries use to make whipped cream frosting. It's this stuff called Pastry Pride Non-Dairy Ready to Whip Topping. It is so divine. So light and not too sweet. A perfect alternative to buttercream. I think I will be using this on most of my cakes. Will really thinks that I should start taking pictures of all the cakes I do and make a portfolio and start selling cakes. I have done quite a few and I really do enjoy it but I think I will have to do many more cakes before I'd feel comfortable asking for money for them. Anyway, I told the instructor what I really want to learn to do sometime during the course is how to stack cakes. I think some of the best birthday cakes I've seen have been tall, stacked cakes using fondant to make it all super smooth and gum paste cut-outs to jazz it up. I'd love to eventually be making cakes like this guy!
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Amazing, right?! Maybe someday. Well, I'll post another cake next week!

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Jen & the Claw said...

Wow, that cake looks awesome Alicia! I would never know that was homemade. You did an excellent job. Like Coleman, I would be excited to see that cake and eat it too! I'm sure your cakes would sell like hot cakes once people see the work and time you spent on it! If you're up to it...I think I'll have you make my birthday cake.

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