Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas 2006.

What a great Christmas holiday it's been this year!The boys had plenty of presents under the tree and we were blessed with a big snow right before Christmas. Here's Coleman knee deep in our front yard.

We've had plenty of family time with Will off the past couple of weeks. It's always great to have him at home. I also got a chance to make 3 cakes in the past 2 weeks. The pillow cake from my last post and two other cakes I didn't get pictures of but one was a 2 tiered stacked cake with musical notes all over it (for my neighbor who's a singer)and the other was a half sheet cake I made for Christmas day with snowflakes piped onto each slice. The pillow one was my favorite.

Oh, and it looks like I'm going to get to go golfing a lot this summer because Will bought me a full set of golf clubs for Christmas! I think I'm on my way to the LPGA tour. And I bought Will a new standing heavy bag for Christmas to help him get into tip-top shape. He wants to train in Mixed Martial Arts but says he has to be in shape before he starts. Go figure. I keep trying to tell him that the training will help him get into shape! Anyway, I love kickboxing, too, so I plan on using it often.

Happy New Year! Here's to a clean slate and accomplishing all that we set our minds to this year!


Anonymous said...

Looks like Cole is having a good time. To bad I didnt see any snow out there. We would of had a good time.


Anonymous said...

Coleman is really having fun! I wish we have snow! It has been around 69 here!

Anonymous said...

Yo Yo

Did I talk to you since Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Congrats on the golf clubs. You really weasled your way into those.

Love ya,


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