Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We had a heart to heart.

I saw the cardiologist yesterday. After having another morning of major lightheadedness and general haziness I knew that I needed to see him. The low blood pressure is definitely the culprit but the real problem is the fact that I have the Epstein-Barr virus and the two combined are just wearing me out. I told him that it seemed that every time that I try to workout harder and push my fitness level I start getting palpitations. And he told me that I'm pushing myself too hard. He said I'm not the same person I used to be. What I can do and what my body will tolerate are two different things.

I know it's lame but I nearly broke down and cried because I really love to run. I think I'm addicted to the feeling of pushing my body past my limits- you know, that runner's high that people always talk about. I was looking forward to racing this summer but I guess I have to put a halt to all that. Will says I should keep running just less often and maybe at a more leisurely pace. I guess I'll just have to feel it out. At least tennis and golf are still ok. Wish it were warm...

The doctor reiterated that I really need to cut all sugar out of my diet. Well, he said fruit is fine but no refined sugar. He said to keep adding salt (to everything!) and he prescribed some medicine to push my blood pressure up. Anybody that knows me knows that I hate medication! I have a hard taking an ibuprofen when I have headache so this will be a challenge. At this point, though, I'm willing to do anything he tells me to do. Let's just hope that this takes care of the problem. Here's to a healthy heart!

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amber said...

I'm glad you got everything figured out. I hope you are feeling better. Lish I run a 10-12 minute mile, because that is where my body says "ok good enough." I'm slow, but dang it my body is still running 4 miles. You don't have to kill yourself to be in tip top shape! Don't get down, your body is just telling you to slow it down, not that you can't accomplish your goals. Your body will help you-if you help it. LOVE YOU CHICA!

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