Friday, July 18, 2008

A Supersized Slip 'n Slide!

Last Wednesday, a friend of ours from church put on a slip n slide party at a local park. This was not your normal thin, plastic slip n slide. This thing was huge. She bought 3 old vinyl billboard signs from a local sign company who sells them for $25/each and lined them up going down a fairly steep hill. Then someone stood at the top of the hill with a garden hose and voila! you've got one GIANT slip n slide! Cool idea, right?

Coleman was excited to ride down but tentative. (Imagine that!) He didn't want to go alone so he rode down on either mine or his dad's lap each time. He actually required a little coaxing at the top of the slide every time he went down but once he got to the bottom he was ready to go again. So, we'd walk up, stand in line, sit at the top of the slide, he'd get stiff and scared, we'd grab him and come down and then start the whole cycle again. He's so funny. Here's some video of one of our trips down.

Cooper, on the other hand, hated the slide! And he's our adventurous one! He was content just sitting at the top of the hill watching everyone else have fun. Will snatched him up from his perch and brought him down a couple of times but it always ended in tears. Here he is after his final trip down.

It was really fun (for most of us) and we can't wait to go back again next year!


Jen & the Claw said...

Oh my goodness! That looked like so much fun! I wish I was there. I just bought a slip and slide from Target on clearance for our next Primary activity. Doesn't look nearly as fun as this GIANT one! Boo, now I have to see if I can find one of those giant banners for cheap!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

That looks like so much fun! I would totally do it! Jonathan would be apprehensive about it, too, though!

Patrick & Heather Nagel said...

Fun, what a cool idea. They do this every year?

Anonymous said...

Love all the videos of the boys. They are sooooooo CUTE and wow getting so big! -AM

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