Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Okay! This one's for you, Jen.

My neighbor, Jen, came over and saw that I had pulled up my blog and left it up and said, "Are you finally posting to your blog again?!" Sadly, I had to tell her no. So, I made a point to get on here and post something so she won't be disappointed next time she checks. She's my biggest fan. :) Ha ha!

Tennis was cancelled tonight because my instructor's in Vegas. Boo! I can't wait to get back on the court.

Our yard is starting to take shape and I'm super excited to start picking out plants and trees for the flower beds. It's been really fun planning it all out and watching it turn into something real. Tomorrow, I'm going to start calling around to get estimates for the curbing we are putting around the flower beds. I think that will be the perfect touch to making everything look nice and manicured. I'm not hating getting my hands dirty as much as I thought I would. It's actually kind of fun.

Oh, here's some big news. (Drumroll, please!) Coleman is actually potty trained! Wow, I've been waiting such a long time to say that. I even sent him to school in big boy undies today. No more Pull-ups! Whew, it's about time. I really was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen. I'm so relieved! I'm sure he'll still have his fair share of accidents but he is on his way.

Cooper seems to be moving into the "stranger anxiety" stage of babydom. Today, when my visiting teachers came he just took one look at them and started bawling. It's so strange to me because he just loves people so the stranger anxiety thing seems to really be working against his true self. However, he does get back to grinnin' pretty quickly. That's the Coops we all know!


Jen & the Claw said...

For a moment there I was thinking you were talking about me because I was saying the exact same thing. I go to your blog everyday hoping that you'd post a new thing about your cute little boys! I'm glad that Coco is finally a big boy now! I'm sure that you're relieved that he grew out of that phase! Rest assured...babysitting will be a lot easier now, right? Well, I miss you guys and we'll have to stop by or get together this weekend to do something fun!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Coleman. I am proud of that boy. I cant wait to see all of you in June.

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