Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cooper's asleep!

Boy, the past few days Cooper has been waking up before me! That makes it tres difficile to get on here and write on my blog (as you can tell by the lack of posts lately.) However, today he is sleeping in so here I am. Hmmm, let me think for a minute about what's been going on here...Well, we had a busy day on Monday. I took the boys to the playroom at the gym while I worked out. Coleman really likes it there and I'm pleased to announce that I am now running at my quickest pace ever on the treadmill. I'm continuing to push myself everytime I run. From the gym we rushed over to see Coleman's speech therapist for an hour. She continues to praise him and is really impressed with the amount of vocabulary he has. She said she wouldn't be surprised if he outgrew his diagnosis of PDD. That's what we are hoping for. From speech we then went to Coleman's art class. He really enjoys all the activities they do there and this week they made puppet people and wind mobiles and painted their salt dough sculptures from last week. Coleman enjoys interacting with the other children even though they have a hard time understanding him sometimes. One boy said, "It sounds like he's speaking Spanish." I don't know about Spanish but it does sound a little foreign sometimes. ;) Coleman doesn't mind, though. One thing I love about him is that when people don't understand him, it never deters him from trying to talk to them. He really loves people and he will keep talking until he's understood. I've learned a lot from him about perseverance. He's such a blessing.

We have also been making plans for our trip home this summer. So far while we are in S.Carolina we plan on visiting Carowinds for a day, Myrtle Beach for a couple days, Charleston for the day, and Savannah, Ga for a couple days. We are going to go to Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah. (I'm really excited for that.) We will be plenty busy. While in West Virginia, I think I'd like to stay in one basic area since we will be traveling so much in SC. I don't want to wear the boys out too much. Thankfully, everyone we want to see in WV live in one region. Maybe, we can have one day trip somewhere in WV. It's always fun to visit places you've never been before. Needless, to say we are very excited! This is my first trip home in about 3 years so it will be a nice visit. "Take me home country roads!"

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