Monday, March 20, 2006

Ugh! Laundry day!

I never realize that I have so much laundry to do until I pile it all up in one place. Well, looks like I'll be staying in today...(Isn't my life exciting?!) I do have to take Coleman to his art class today, though. Coleman is a really talented artist. Notice all of the detail he put in this picture. Clouds, the sun, and the cars all have headlights and tail lights. Oh, and notice the 3 lines over the car in the middle so that we know it is moving. He picks up on everything! Even his art teacher mentioned how talented he his for a child his age. I couldn't be more proud. He can also write his name and is really close to reading. He just needs a little push and he'll be on his way.

Last night we went to June's house for dinner and to see Will's parents off. It was really funny to see how much Coleman has bonded with his cousin Tyson. They are very different kids but seem to have a lot of fun together. Tyson had to go to time-out while we were there and Coleman cried for him. He feels bad for Ty when he gets in trouble. That kind of empathy will take him a long way in life. It's good to see Coleman developing some sensitivity.

Looks like this blog can go from Alicia's journal to Mama's brag book in no time flat! I can't help it. My kids are my life! Well, I better get started on that laundry...

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