Friday, March 17, 2006

I am such a pansy!

Forget strong, independent women! I know nothing about girl power. All I know is that without my husband sleeping right next to me I'm a mess! You see, Will and Coleman went and spent the night at June's (Will's sister's) house last night since Will didn't have work today and his parents are still in town. I thought I would be fine but when it came to actually going to sleep, I couldn't. (Even after leaving the porch light on, the family room light on, and keeping the TV on in the bedroom.) I am such a wimp! At some point during Conan O'Brien I finally fell asleep only to be woken up every half hour after that by a different infomercial. Let's see, I now have a serious compulsion to buy an Ab Lounge, Showtime Rotisserie and that book about how to become a millionaire...

On the upside, Cooper and I got some much needed quality time together. I sang the Itsy, Bitsy Spider over and over and over. For some reason Cooper really enjoys the "washed the spider out" part of that song. He always giggles and he has the cutest little laugh.

Speaking of Cooper, there's my cue to go. He woke up at the same time as me today so he's chillin' in his Exersaucer right now. I better get him fed and ready for the day. First, here's a cute picture of him that I just took. Later!

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