Thursday, March 16, 2006

Nemo on Ice or "in the water?"

All day yesterday when I told Coleman that we would be going to see Nemo on Ice, he would laugh and say "No silly. Nemo in the water!" It was too funny. I thought for sure that once we saw the show that he would get what I meant. So, on the way out of the Delta Center (when I noticed him pretending to ice skate) I said, "Did you like Nemo on Ice?" And he responded in a semi-annoyed tone, "Nemo in the water!" What am I gonna do with that boy!?

The show was everything that you'd expect from Disney. Magical, colorful, and entertaining. It even kept Cooper's attention for the full two hours. (Boy, he's a good baby!) Before the show, Coleman and I went looking around for souvenirs. Luckily we ran into Uncle Chaddy while we were browsing. He had some free souvenirs for Coleman from the media party so we were saved from spending an arm and a leg on something that would probably never get played with. Thanks Uncle Chad!

Today will be Coleman's first full day as a 4 yr old. He is officially a little boy. His birthdays always make me reflect. I cannot believe how far we have come as a family. I am proud of us and I am blessed to have 2 beautiful sons and an amazing husband. It seems that no matter what kind of struggles we have in our little family that I always feel completely satisfied with my life. We have it all!

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