Friday, March 31, 2006

Tennis anyone?

Guess who has decided to take tennis lessons? Yup, you guessed it! Your all-time favorite Winfield High School tennis team bench warmer- ME! Ok, I was never very competitive but I always enjoyed playing so I think it's about time to brush up on some long lost skills. I found an adult group lesson in Lehi and can start tomorrow if I want Saturday morning lessons or on 4/15 if I want Wed. night lessons. I still haven't decided which one I prefer but I guess I better make up my mind soon. I'm really excited to be doing some things for myself lately. I think that I sort of lost myself in motherhood for the past few years and I'm beginning to re-emerge by paying myself some attention. Not only am I taking up tennis again but I also joined a book club and I've been exercising nearly every day. I'm feeling like a new me! (Or is it like the old me?) Well, either way I feel great! And I'm a better mom because of it!

Yesterday, we went to June's house for dinner because Will's aunt, Got, is in town visiting. It was great to see her. It has been a couple years since our last visit with her. She lives in Texas right now but she says she is planning to move to Thailand for a few months. Sounds like she misses her family. She's really a sweet lady. She's not in Utah for long. In fact, she is taking off today and headed to South Carolina to see Will's parents.

Well, better get to gettin'. I've got lots to do today. Verburg out!

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